New ETL Products

CAME's latest ETL products.

New ETL Products

Barrier Gate Operators

A new concept in barrier gates.

Barrier gates are one of the most effective types of automation for controlling the vehicle traffic in parking lots, private entrances and reserved apartment complex areas.

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» Gard 4

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» Gard 8

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» Gard

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Sliding Gate Operators

A complete range of sliding operators and accessories.

CAME offers several solutions suitable for small and large sliding gates, like those installed in apartment complexes, industrial facilities or high-traffic areas.

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» Bx-243

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» Bx-246

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» Bk Series

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Swing Gate Operators

Constantly increasing technology solutions for automation systems.

With a modern look and refined design, made of light alloy, steel or cast iron, swing gates can always be automated, thanks to the multitude of solutions offered by CAME.

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» Axo

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» Amico

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» Frog

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» Frog-J

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